The 10 Commandments of Girls' Night In

Whether it’s to comfort a newly single friend or you just don’t feel like putting on real clothes, girls’ night in is a necessity every so often. While guys think it’s full of sexy pillow fights or giving each other makeovers, the truth is a lot less glamorous. Follow these rules to ensure your girls’ hangout is the lazy, fun pick-me-up it’s meant to be.

1. Thou shalt not look cute.

Put that new top back in the closet and give your straightener a day off. You need to wear your comfiest sweatshirt and slippers that only your closest friends know about. There’s no one you need to impress here.

2. Thou shall forget diets.

Girls’ night is the perfect occasion to pig out. It’s not uncommon for each girl to have a personal bottle of wine and pint of ice cream on top of ordering multiple pizzas. No judgement.

3. Thou shall gossip about guys.

Spill details about your date with the hot senior or squeal over how cute your crush looked the other day. Other topics include “why are we single when we’re so great” and “my ex is such a loser.”

4. Thou shall watch girly movies.

The kind of movies you could never watch with guys are actually the best ones. Although I’m sure you don’t need help, some suggestions: The Notebook, Clueless, Dirty Dancing, Bring It On, Titanic.

5. Thou shall only invite the core group.

This is the not time to get to know the nice girl from class or invite your friend from home. Attendees should all know each other, and ideally the same people so no one feels left out.

6. Thou shall put her phone away.

Why even attend a girls’ night if you’re going to text your boyfriend all night? There’s no need to post pictures since you don’t look cute and there’s no one to send weird SnapChat videos to because your friends are there. The only acceptable use of your phone is playing Heads Up.

7. Thou shall reminisce.

The best part of gathering with your friends is laughing about your fun times together. Retell the story about going out on spring break (for the billionth time) or laugh until you cry finding old videos of you all dancing.

8. Thou shall make fun of each other.

Friends give each other compliments. Best friends know how to poke fun at each other, in a loving way of course. But don’t expect to get away with your awful karaoke version of “Call Me Maybe” without a few ego blows.

9. Thou shall play cheesy games.

Old board games, Cards Against Humanity, and even throwbacks Truth or Dare are all the perfect way to get things rolling. There’s a reason you played them at your third grade sleepovers.

10. Thou shall laugh until she cries.

Those moments of uncontrollable giggling only come when you are amongst the best of friends.

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