Divergent Author Is Writing More Books

Don’t worry Divergent fans, Veronica Roth has picked up her pen once again (or, you know, opened her laptop). The author behind the successful YA trilogy will be releasing the first in a duology (super fancy word for a book and its sequel) in 2017, with the follow up out the following year. While Roth made her name creating a badass female protagonist, these books will focus on a male main character, with the publisher HarperCollins describing the story line as “the story of a boy who forms an unlikely alliance with an enemy.”  They don’t describe exactly where on the enemy scale this figure falls though. Is it Harry budding up with Voldemort, or more like the love hate relationship of Professor X and Magneto? Someone start writing some speculative fan fiction.
[Dave J Hogan/ Stringer/ Getty Images]

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