5 Reasons You’re Too Young to Be a Grandbig

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Big/little week means you get to craft, throw glitter around with abandon, and bake (read: eat) approximately a million calories worth of generously frosted cupcakes. But all this emotion (and sugar) also comes with the impending dread that you’re yet another year older and one more generation removed from holding the coveted title of baby of the family.
While you’re thoroughly convinced that the latest addition to your family is the most perfect girl in her pledge class, here’s all the reasons why you’re not quite old enough to admit you’re on the road to officially becoming a grandma:

1. The word matriarch makes you think of old people

too young to be a grandbig
And responsibility. And being ancient enough to legally purchase alcohol. When you were a freshman the oldest girl in your family seemed like she had her life together (at least enough to know all the best kept secrets of your sorority). But now that you’re the old lady of the family? You’re left wishing you had some of that wisdom.

2. You still go to your big with every minor life crisis

too old to be a grandbig
Even though you’re now supposed to be the one with all the sage advice you still go to your big for the “night before the test” freak out or the “who the hell should I ask to this date party?” mini-meltdown. You can only hope the newest member will be as sympathetic to your panicked midnight text when the grocery store doesn’t stock the kind of Ben & Jerry’s you’ve been craving all day (Core, obviously).

3. You’re convinced that you’re still a freshman

too young to be a grandbig
At least you were acting like one when you may or may not have fallen off that table you were dancing on last weekend. In your mind you still have three more amazing years of college left to bask in the glow of minimal responsibility and raised surfaces.

4. You’re not ready to deplete your frocket reserve

too young to be a grandbig
This whole passing down shirts thing will sound a lot better when you’re a couple years out of college and shopping like Carrie Bradshaw. But for now, you’re still into the athletic (running shorts + sports bra – the intention of actually making it to the gym) look.

5. Becoming a grandbig means you might have to graduate soon

too young to be a grandbig
The grand or great grand little (as perfect as she is) reminds you that you might actually have to enter the real world soon. Of course you’re impossibly excited for all the amazing things she has in store for her college career—but you’re also not so secretly wishing that you could do it all over again.
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