The 10 Commandments Of Being A Good Roommate

There’s no better way to ruin a friendship/a semester/your life than by existing in a less-than-pleasant roommate situation. Creating an atmosphere of happiness is definitely a two-way street. Sure, you want to live with someone who is clean, nice, considerate and such, but you also have to be a good roommate. If you’re not, the entire system just won’t work. Being a good roommate is a complex thing, but following these 10 rules would be a great way to start.

1.) Thou shalt not enter without knocking.

2.) Thou shalt not have your significant other over every night.

3.) Thou shalt clean up after yourself.

Even if it’s not your turn to clean a certain area, if you make a mess, take care of it.

4.) Thou shalt not have multiple people over without clearing it.

Having two or three friends come by to hang is probably okay, but you don’t want to host a pregame for a group of friends without asking.

5.) Thou shalt not hog the TV.

It works best if you like the same shows but if you’re binge watching solo, watch on your laptop or your own TV after a few hours.

6.) Thou shalt be fair with your wardrobe.

Don’t borrow her stuff if you don’t want her wearing yours. It’s that simple. Of course, certain items can be off-limits, you just have to be sure it’s fair.

7.) Thou shalt respect her sleep schedule.

8.) Thou shalt share your snacks.

You can totally get enough candy for both of you.

9.) Thou shalt not talk constantly.

Everyone needs a bit of quiet time once in a while.

10.) Thou shalt not drink her booze without asking.

Unless she’s drinking with you, in which case….bottoms up! [Lead image via]