7 Ways To Get Paid While You Travel

Not sure what to do when you graduate? Not ready to join the work force? You might want to travel, but you don’t have the funds. Luckily, you can make money while seeing the world. Total win-win.

1. Teach English

Other countries, such as South Korea, pay very well for English teachers. Even if teaching isn’t your passion, this is a great way to spend a few years seeing the world and meeting interesting people along the way. Programs vary in requirements-some don’t even require a bachelor’s degree! There’s plenty of extra travel opportunities on weekends and holidays too.

2. Blogger

If you have access to the internet, you can make money. Share your unique experiences to gain readers, advertisers, and sponsors. It takes more work that you might think, but if your page becomes profitable, it’ll totally be worth it.

3. Work At A Hostel

Have any experience in hospitality? Why not settle in a country you’ve always wanted to explore while meeting other travelers from all over the world! There’s plenty of opportunities like desk work or cleaning, and there might even be an opportunity to live there.

4. Freelancer

If you’re a writer, photographer, graphic design artist, or other occupation where you already work from home, why not take your work on the go? As long as you set aside enough time for yourself to keep up your work and don’t get carried away with adventures, you can do your work from your hotel, hostel, or airport as you explore.

5. Au Pair

If you enjoy being around children, being a live-in nanny could be a decent a way to live and work abroad. You’d live with a host family, take care of the kids while their parents are away, and learn a new language.

6. Work Away or WWOOF

With these programs you won’t be making money, but you will receive food and accommodation in exchange for work. Since food and accommodation are often the larger expenses of travel, your previously saved money will last longer. There are a number of Work Away jobs to apply for all over the world and WWOOF is specifically geared toward working on organic and sustainable farms.

7. Work on a Cruise Ship

As long as you don’t get sea sick, this could be a blast! You will get to see different destinations in one trip and there are so many opportunities in different areas – food, service, entertainment…you name it! You’ll meet new people each time the ship sets sail and have fun as well.

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