10 Dating Rules That Should Be Broken

You know all those rules your grandma has told you for dating etiquette and roles in relationships? Totally stupid. Times have changed and whatever rules there are need to be rewritten. Besides, rules are made to be broken.

1. Women Shouldn’t Ask Men Out

We need to get over the men always being the pursuer. It’s the 21st century, people. Going on a date does not equal being bound for life. It’s just an opportunity to get to know someone better. Why waste time when you can suggest meeting up for happy hour sometime? Guys don’t get to experience the excitement of being asked out often. Rejection sucks, but it’s worth the risk.

2. Wait for Him to Text You

If you have something to say, then go ahead and say it! You shouldn’t always be initiating the conversation or trying to keep it going, but neither should he. Communication takes two people so it should be split 50/50. He’ll appreciate the effort.

3. Online Dating is a Last Resort

People may judge someone who starts a relationship off a dating site, but in the technology-driven world we live in, why not? You get to meet people who have the same intentions as you and pretty much get to prescreen them for similar tastes and interests. Think of it this way — you can spend 30 minutes talking to a guy at a bar to realize you don’t have much in common or you can spend 5 minutes browsing their OKCupid.com profile.

4. Women Should Play Coy

Waiting hours to answer a text? Elusive tweets about what you’re doing on Saturday night? Please. Maybe it will peak his interest at first, but eventually he’s just going to decide you’re not worth the mind games.

5. Don’t Date a Co-Worker

Your schedule Monday through Friday usually looks something like this: You wake up, you go to work, you go to the gym or run some errands, and you go home. There’s hardly any time to meet someone! Working with someone gives you a good idea of the person they are, from how they treat other people to how they handle stress. Just don’t publicize it in front of the boss or mix business with pleasure.

6. Friend’s Exes Are Off-Limits

This one should really say, “Friend’s Exes Are Off-Limits, Unless All Parties Are Okay With It.” If a guy screwed your girl over royally, then no, it’s not okay to bring him around or be seeing him behind her back. However if they ended on fairly amicable terms and there’s a mutual interest, there’s no harm in asking your friend if she would have a problem with it. If she does have a problem, be respectful of that.

7. Wait X Amount of Time to Introduce to Friends

You may really get along with a guy one-on-one, but he could be completely different in a group setting. You have to know the two of you click in a variety of situations – with friends, alone, in public, in private. Besides that, your friends will give their honest opinion about your new guy. They shouldn’t be the decision makers, but as people you trust, their say does have some weight. Plus, there is nothing better than when they love him too.

8. Make it “Facebook Official”

If it’s not all over social media it’s not even real, right? Wrong. If your fear is that your guy won’t change his relationship status so he still appears single to other girls, you probably shouldn’t be dating him until you trust each other more. The people that matter will hear about your new relationship directly from your mouth (or excited texts followed by 100 !!!’s). Why make an annoying public announcement to the other 700 “friends” you have?

9. Don’t Date Multiple People At Once

When you’re buying a new shirt, you take a few options to the dressing room and try them on. You may even visit multiple stores before making a purchase. Same with dating—there’s nothing wrong with seeing what is out there when you’re casually dating. However, you have to assume the guy you’re seeing is doing the same. Make sure you communication your expectations if things get serious so you know you’re both on the same page.

10. Wait Until the Third Date to Get Intimate

If you don’t feel comfortable by the third date, don’t. If you are both feeling it before the third date, go for it. Things like these don’t have a time stamp that’s applicable to everyone.

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