7 Reasons To Binge Watch 'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

While you’re counting the days until season three of Orange Is the New Black comes out, we found your new Netflix obsession. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the comedy series you’ve been waiting for since 30 Rock went off the air. Seriously, it’s created by Tina Fey so it has to be good. Here are seven reasons we can’t wait to sit down with the popcorn and a bottle of wine and follow Kimmy on her adventures. The full series is available on March 6, so start indulging.

1. Hilarious Plot

Here is the show’s premise: 29-year-old Kimmy Schmidt is released from a doomsday cult’s underground bunker after 15 years. The “Mole Women” have to adapt to being adults in society. Someone who has been help captive since the late 90’s has some adjustments to do, like how to make a phone call on a smartphone.

2. Ellie Kemper

Where do you not know Ellie Kemper from? She’s been in The Office, The Mindy Project, Bridesmaids, and tons of your other favorite shows and movies. Besides being hilarious, she brings an air of realness to any role. She’s not too over-the-top or obnoxious…you really root for her cheery characters to succeed. It’s about time Ellie takes the lead, especially in a role written specifically for her.

3. Writing By Tina Fey And Robert Carlock

These two have proven that they are a comedy duo that can’t be stopped. After seven seasons of 30 Rock, it was time to move on, but they knew better than to go their separate ways. Kimmy Schmidt will be another successful endeavor for the pair.

4. New York City Setting

When it’s in NYC, anything can happen. Where better to start life over? Rather, where better to start life over on a television show? Like so many television show heroines before her, Kimmy Schmidt will have the Big Apple to contend with, which always makes for an entertaining show.

5. Girl Power

For someone who spent their entire young adulthood underground, Kimmy has a sunny outlook on life. The misogynistic cult leader couldn’t convince her that women’s “dumbness” cause the end of the world, and now that she’s free, Kimmy is ready to conquer the world. We need more optimistic lead characters, especially women.

6. Amazing Ensemble Cast

Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock plays a wealthy Manhattanite who hires Kimmy as a nanny. Broadway veteran Tituss Burgess is Kimmy’s room-mate, a talented singer who spends his days dressed as Iron Man trying to make money in Times Square. Kimmy is sure to meet some interesting characters in New York, and we also see how the other women from the cult adapt to life outside.

7. Netflix Does Comedy

While most of your Netflix binges consist of dramatic series like House of Cards and Marco Polo, it’ll be so nice to fill a weekend with something more light-hearted. There really isn’t a new comedy series like that out there, and this show that was turned down by NBC could be the pioneer of this new path for funny television.

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