8 Worst Things About Daylight Savings Time That Will Make You Want To Punch A Clock

Twice a year, daylight savings time rears its ugly head. This Sunday it’s time to spring ahead, better known as feeling extra tired for the week it takes to adjust to the time change. Scheduling such a confusing day on a Saturday night when you’re ten shots deep is just adding insult to injury. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable, and we all have to deal with it.

1. Losing an hour of sleep.

anna sleeping frozen
You weren’t getting enough to start with.

2. Remembering to reset all your clocks.

alarm clock
Changing your watch, microwave, and all the clocks around your house to the right time isn’t hard, it’s just annoying. Or you can be like me and drive your car around with the wrong time for half of the year.

3. Hearing awful jokes about it.

Everyone’s suddenly a comedian.

4. Risking sleeping through Sunday brunch.

Set that alarm extra early to be safe. Those mimosas are waiting for you.

5. Hearing DST as an excuse for being late.

“Sorry! So thrown off by the time change.” (Even though it’s been a week.)

6. Googling why we have DST but never quite understanding it.

You’re already trying to adapt to the time change, but now you feel stupid too.

7. Trying to catch the time change on your phone.

But you will inevitably get distracted and miss your phone changing from 12:59 AM to 2:00 AM.

8. Closing bars earlier.

crying gif
You lose an entire hour of drinking Saturday night! The tragedy.

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