12 Essential Items That Should Always Be In Your Purse

Wish you could have a magical bag of tricks a la Mary Poppins or Hermione Granger? Maybe it can’t be that good, but your purse can easily fit everything you’ll need while you’re on the go. With these everyday items, you’ll be prepared for any situation (and then some).

1. Hair Ties

One gust of wind is the difference between a good hair day and looking like a hot mess.

2. Bobby Pins

You will inevitably lose every last one so replenish your stock frequently.

3. Tampons

Even if it isn’t your time of the month, you could be a hero to the unprepared lady in the stall next to you.

4. Business Cards

You never know who you might meet!

5. Magazine or Small Book

This could be the difference between an agonizing wait at the doctor’s office and a little “me” time.

6. Cash

Plastic is fantastic, but there are plenty of cash-only necessities. Those ATM fees can be brutal!

7. Anti-bacterial Gel

Washing your hands is ideal, but this is the next best alternative, especially during flu season.

8. Pen

They’re everywhere…until you need one.

9. Chapstick

Is there no worse feeling than chapped lips and knowing you have hours before you can do anything about it? I think not.

10. Multiple Forms of ID

You never know when you’re going to get pulled over or the bouncer is going to be difficult. Better safe than sorry.

11. Phone Charger

There’s outlets everywhere from the office to the gym, so take the opportunity to charge up!

12. Emergency Contact Info

Having the name and number of someone close to you in your bag will ensure no matter what happens to you, someone can easily find a way to let your friends or family know.

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