Little Kid In Trouble For Wearing A Christian Grey Costume to School

In honor of World Book Day this week, a school in the U.K. had students dress up as literary characters. Liam Scholes, an 11-year-old boy, showed up to school as Christian Grey from the ever popular Fifty Shades of Grey. He wore a grey suit and slicked back his hair. Oh, and he carried around a blindfold and cable ties to make sure you knew he wasn’t just Jordan Belfort from The Wolf of Wall Street.
christian grey costume
Liam’s mother, Nicola, uploaded this picture to her Twitter with the caption, “offensive costume.Excluded from photos, told to change yet teacher dressed as a serial killer and others with guns?” She says Liam was banned from World Book Day activities and photos due to his choice of costume. “I got a phone call home from the school saying the outfit was inappropriate and that he had been excluded from taking part or being in any of the photographs,” Nicola told the Manchester Evening News. “Me and the teacher agreed to disagree and it’s not being taken any further but I was disappointed for Liam that he’d been stopped from taking part and that he’s had a dressing down.” Nicola said the school’s decision to punish Liam was unfair, especially because a teacher showed up dressed as Dexter, which she found just as controversial.
Although it could have been way more scandalous than holding a blindfold, let’s be honest – this probably wasn’t the best idea. The book known for BDSM probably doesn’t belong in an educational environment. Maybe next time he can just go as Curious George.

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