8 Problems Only Chocoholics Understand

If you’ve got Kit Kat bars on the brain 24/7, know that you are not alone. Since there are no support groups for people with this condition (at least none that I know of…) I’ve decided to take up the cause. These are just a few of the problems we chocoholics face on a regular basis. Stay strong, fellow chocolovers. Your pain is understood.  

1. There’s a melted Hershey’s bar at the bottom of your favorite purse.

And it was too expensive to throw away so you just have to roll with it.

2. When you order an Oreo shake and there are not enough cookies in it.

Did I ask for a mostly vanilla shake? No. Get it right next time.

3.  Everyone else has a different idea of what a ‘healthy snack’ is than you do.

What? Dark chocolate has antioxidants, which means I can eat a bar of it between every meal, kthanks.

4. Your afternoon sugar cravings are INTENSE.

By 3pm you’re basically about to pass out unless someone shoves a brownie in your face.

5. When you hear that eliminating sugar is the key to a bangin’ bod.

And you’d be okay with giving up ANYTHING else.

6. Finding a clean pair of jeans is impossible.

They all seem to have chocolate stains on the legs….

7. Having to get through a full meal before you get to the good stuff.

Whatever happened to “life is short, eat dessert first?”

8. That awkward moment when you really want to order dessert…

But everyone else at the table is “so full.”     [Lead image via]