'The Bachelor' Finale Drinking Game

It might be Monday, but be sure to grab a few bottles of Merlot on the way home. Season 19 of The Bachelor, which has been filled with high-maintenance girls pretending they want to live in Iowa, wraps up when Chris Soules presents his final rose tonight. Will it be Becca or Whitney who becomes the princess to Prince Farming? No matter who you’re rooting for, this drinking game will help make the two hour finale (and the extra hour of the After the Final Rose special) much more bearable.

Take a sip when…

– You hear, “We really have a connection.”

– Chris is shirtless or one of the women is in a bikini.

– Whitney or Becca says, “I could see myself marrying Chris.”

– Someone cries.

– Chris talks about Iowa.

Take two drinks when…

– Host Chris Harrison uses the word “dramatic.”

– There’s a shot of someone looking into the distance at nothing in particular.

– Someone says “wife.”

– The show plugs Neil Lane jewelry.

– Chris says he’s torn between Becca and Whitney.

Finish your drink if…

– One of the eliminated contestants comes back.

– One of the women gives Chris a gift on the night before the final rose ceremony.

– Jimmy Kimmel makes a cameo.

Take three shots if…

– The winner turns Chris down.


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