The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Moving Back Home After College

You might feel a little bit awkward about moving back into your childhood bedroom after graduation. Empty bottles of Patron as decoration don’t look right next to your stuffed animals. Unfortunately, it’s the reality for a lot of college students. Living with mom and dad might not be so bad some days, but other times, you’ll be ready to pack your bags and spend the night in a hotel. Just remember, it’s only temporary (we think).


help me i'm poor
The Good: You’re saving a ton of money by not paying rent.
The Bad: You use this logic to party like a rockstar when you go out.
The Ugly: Somehow your bank account balance refuses to go up. Thanks, student loans.


The Good: You don’t have to do your own laundry all the time.
The Bad: Mom keeps bugging you to “help out around the house.”
The Ugly: Suddenly you’re 22 years old and have a chore chart.

Going Out

The Good: You get to hang out with all your friends from home.
The Bad: You have to hang out with all your friends from home.
The Ugly: Trying to hide how drunk you are when you get home and insisting “seven shots isn’t even that much.”

Job Searching

get a job friends
The Good: There’s a period you get to relax and enjoy some time off.
The Bad: You see a status by a friend announcing their new job every other day.
The Ugly: Your parents, neighbors, and the guy from the deli won’t stop asking what you’re doing now that you’ve graduated and your only answer is, “I’m not sure yet.”


crazy family
The Good: You get to hang out with your parents and siblings more.
The Bad: You quickly realize they got pretty accustomed to not having you around.
The Ugly: They’ve turned your room into a storage unit.


leave me alone
The Good: You don’t have as much responsibility.
The Bad: People are constantly asking what you’re doing, where you’re going, who is going to be there, and why.
The Ugly: You have to argue with your siblings for an hour before figuring out who gets to use the car that day.


my eyes
The Good: You don’t live with a roommate anymore.
The Bad: You walk in on your little brother naked in the bathroom at least once a week.
The Ugly: Your mom finds condoms in your underwear drawer.

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