The Voice Season 8 Contestants: Meet Team Blake Shelton

We are over the blind auditions on ‘The Voice Season 8′ and the teams are now set, for now. The “battle rounds” are beginning, and team leaders can take the opportunity to steal members from other groups, that is why teams can still change a little bit.
Blake Shelton, who won last season, with the help from Meghan Trainor will coach 11 contestants who all hope to win season 8 of The Voice.
Take a look at the performances and meet the talent that is now on ‘Team Blake’.

Sarah Potenza

Potenza’s webpage bio reads:
Hailing from Rhode Island, Sarah Potenza took her passion for performing and her powerful voice to Chicago in 2003 where she formed Sarah & The Tall Boys. The band spent years on the road showcasing Potenza’s monster vocals and her honest reflective songwriting. They quickly became a regular staple on the club and festival circuit.
Nine years and three self-penned albums later, Sarah left the band and made her way to Nashville (East Nashville to be more precise) with her husband Ian Crossman to be a part of the booming Americana music scene and to make a name for herself.
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Cody Wickline

From Facebook: Cody Wickline is a singer/songwriter born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia. His interest in music started as a child singing in church on Sunday morning. It wasn’t until he sang for a project in highschool that he realized, however, his true passion was creating and performing music. He began teaching himself guitar at the age of 16, and by the time he was 17 he was performing every weekend at some event or venue.
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Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis was raised in the folk tradition: the music, the social movements, the land. He writes songs that blend the roots of American music with gritty rock n’ roll and vintage soul.
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Brooke Adee

When Brooke was six years old, her dad took her to see “Annie” and she was instantly hooked. Brooke has been in all of her school plays and choirs and even penned her first song in fifth grade. When her mom was diagnosed with lupus, the family moved to Florida for treatment. Through her grandmother, she was recently featured in a music video with Internet sensation MattyBRaps. This little taste of musical success solidified Brooke’s dream of becoming a musician.
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Kelsie May

While other kids were singing karaoke to the latest Top 40 pop music, Kelsie May was soaking up the sounds of country music’s queen, Loretta Lynn. Following in Loretta’s footsteps, Kelsie began writing and teaching herself to play guitar.
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Jacob Rummell

Jacob’s parents were high school sweethearts, and they adopted him and his biological sister when they were very young. He grew up in a small town where he sang in church and performed in all his high school plays. Jacob is now at a crossroads between going to college and pursuing his dream of becoming a professional singer.
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Matt Snook

For many recording artists, the desire to find fame and fortune results from a multitude of factors. But for country recording artist Matt Snook, the motivation to do so is driven by the charitable voice that would come along with it. ‘To have a platform from which to speak out in honor of those that may not have the voice to do so for themselves is the ultimate reward in what I do.”
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Bay Brooks

Bay writes with the perspective of an old soul, stemming from personal experiences. Like a well traveled adult, her passport boasts of trips to the UK, South America, and the Caribbean, where she’s had the opportunity to do what she loves: play music, connect with others, and perform to raise funds to support orphanages.
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Brenna Yaeger

Brenna Yaeger is a Great country music Artist, who is working on her first Album! She Performs for charities, Writes own songs, and as a local artist in Spokane WA, would love to play for you.
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Brian Johnson

Brian’s been singing since he was a kid. In high school, his high voice allowed him to perform material in choir normally reserved for the girls. Brian performed music in college, but when his father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis he had to put his dreams on hold in order to focus on supporting his family. He’s hoping The Voice will give him the ability to support his family by doing what he loves.
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Corey Kent

When he was only 11, Corey was asked to be the frontman for a Western swing band, touring for five years. Recently, Corey’s grandfather took him to a Willie Nelson concert where Willie chose him out of the crowd to join him on stage and sing. It was a defining experience for him, and in that moment Corey knew music was his calling. He’s hoping The Voice can help him prove that.
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Hannah Kirby

Hannah has been entertaining audiences across the Dallas area and even New Orleans with her passion for music. Trained from Classical to Celtic on the violin, when Hannah’s bow hits the strings it’s always a surprise! Hannah’s intense and powerful vocals along with her flowing lyrics draw the audience into the musical experience.
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