Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Season 10 Premier: Drinking Game!

Ok, I’ll admit it. One of my guilty pleasures is “Keeping Up With The Kardashians“, well any reality series the Kardashians  have made, I have seen it, sorry not sorry.

Today is the season 10 premier of ‘KUWTK’ on E!, and a lot of things will now make sense from past stories we  have heard, from our favorite family, i.e. Bruce’s transition is supposed to be explained on this season.

We all know the season will be full of drama, like any other season, and we can’t wait.

That is why we bring you the ‘KUWTK’ drinking game, to make everything even more fun, bible!

Drink :

-If they say somebody is “annoying”.

*Take a shot if they say Kris is annoying.

-If someone is mean to Kris. 


-If one sister is fighting with another.

*Chug for 10 seconds if its 2 sisters vs 1!

-If Kris is drinking.

-If Kourtney gets mad at Scott.

*Chug it all if at the end they talk it out. 

-If Scott says something sexual.

-If Scott refers to himself as ‘Lord Disick’. 

-If Khloe curses. 

Chug it all:

-If you see Kylie’s new lips.

-If we get a glimpse of Kanye or North.

-If Kim cries.









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