Skinny Models Might Soon Be Out Of Work In France

I’ve only spent six days of my life in France, but what I remember from that experience is there was a lot of bread and a lot of cheese. I literally saw one man break a baguette in half and stuff it in his pocket like he did this everyday. However, by some miracle and a lot of walking, everyone in the country is pretty fit. Now models in France might need to stock up on some more bread and cheese because the French government might soon ban models who are too skinny.
According to Reuters, the French National Assembly is trying to pass a law to ensure that models are a healthy weight. The law would require models to maintain a body mass index of 18 or higher. Companies that hire models that don’t meet that standard would be fined up to $79,300 dollars or ordered to spend up to six months in jail. Models would have to be weighed periodically, like a reverse Weight Watchers meeting (just kidding). The law would also ban pro-anorexia websites that encourage extreme thinness.
We’re all for this, and hope other countries will follow France’s example. The point isn’t to punish those damned models for being for beautiful and skinny, but to set a more realistic standard for young girls. Plus, nothing would be more satisfying than seeing someone who looks like you in print.
*UPDATE! Click below to find out if the law passed.*

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