Stephen Sondheim Calls Lady Gaga's Oscar Performance 'Ridiculous'

Lady Gaga received high praise for her Sound of Music tribute at the Oscars this year, but apparently not everyone thought it was so great.
Stephen Sondheim, the legendary composer who is known for his work in Company, Into the Woods and Sweeney Todd, among others, told the UK’s Times of London that her performance was “ridiculous.”
“On the Academy Awards she was a travesty,” he said. “It was ridiculous, as it would be from any singer who treats that music in semi-operatic style. She had no relationship to what she was singing. What people liked was her versatility.”
A little harsh, but Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes, agrees. She, too was unimpressed and took to Twitter to express her feelings about the performance: “That was not okay. I mean, Idina [Menzel] is there. She is right there. RIGHT THERE. And oh dear God, Julie [Andrews] had to hear that.”
Regardless, she got a call of approval after the show from Julie Andrews, who played Maria in the 1965 movie.
“I confirmed that I thought she was fantastic and had done a wonderful job, and I couldn’t thank her enough,” Andrews said. “She really did a wonderful thing with the medley. She sang superbly and then so lovingly handed me the evening on a platter, if you know what I’m saying.”
Honestly, her opinion is all that really matters. We still love you, Gaga.

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