10 Unfortunate Truths About Dating A Die-Hard Sports Fan

Dating any guys has its negatives. Maybe his mom is a little intimidating or he hates your favorite restaurant (dealbreaker). But dating a guy who is absolutely obsessed with his team might be the ultimate challenge. Perfect example: remember that movie Fever Pitch? Jimmy Fallon’s character seemed like a perfectly great guy…until baseball season rolled around. Sure, it was a comical movie, but it didn’t stray too far from reality. It doesn’t matter if it’s his college basketball team or his favorite NFL team since childhood, somewhere in the back of your mind, you know you’ll always come in second.

1. If his team is playing, you can forget about doing anything else.

how fascinating

2. He’s more worried about you cheering for the rival team than cheating on him.


3. When he talks about his favorite player, you wonder why he never talks about you that way.

annoyed sarah michelle gellar

4. No matter how much thought and effort you put into planning his birthday present, you know he’d be happier just getting a new jersey.

ryan gosling annoyed can't

5. You’re afraid to watch the game at a bar because there’s a good chance he’ll cry/throw something if they lose.

dave grohl embarrassing

6. He gets more turned on by you wearing his team’s colors than sexy lingerie.

judge judy idiot

7. You only made the mistake of asking, “Why do you care so much?” once.

crazy sports fan

8. One of the first questions he asked you was “What is your favorite team?” And there was a correct answer.

confused britney spears

9. He might scoff at how long it takes you to get ready to go out, but he has no issue waiting in line overnight for tickets.

never mind i forgot

10. You can’t help but be secretly happy when the season is over.


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