The 15 Things You’ll Do To Get a Free Drink

Money: the dreaded responsibility of every college students’ life. Unfortunately, what we tend to do in our spare time requires heaps of money. Going to bars or parties in college means a night of spending too much money on something that will make you not care about spending such money – or even worse, not remember spending that money.
So, how do we save up and still have a good time? There’s happy hour and drink specials, but the real golden ticket – free drinks. Acquiring free drinks may come naturally to you; but if it doesn’t, these are some tips from the masters:

1. The “Wait for It”

“I’m going to stand by the bar and look around aimlessly so hopefully this guy next to me offers me a drink.”

2. The “Let’s Be Friends”

“Hey, Go [sports team]! You from around here?” Within 4 minutes he better offer me a drink.

3. Chatting Up the Bartender

“How are you? Has it been busy? I wish I could bar tend…” Boom, free drink.

4. Reimbursements from Friends

“Remember that coffee I got you like three weeks ago? Would you mind just getting me one drink?”

5. The Drunken “I Promise I’ll Pay You Back”

“Seriously, I mean it. I don’t have cash; I’ll get you next happy hour. I promise!”

6. The Sarcastic Reject of a Drink

“Oh my gosh, noooo, really you don’t need to get me a drink… OK, OK. If you’re sure!”

7. Smuggling Alcohol into the Bar

“Can I just get a tonic with lime?” Then, under the bar, pour your ridiculously heinous, cheap vodka from flask into tonic.

8. Pretending It’s Your/Your Friend’s Birthday

“It’s her birthday!!! We need shots! Do you want in?!… Oh gosh, no, you don’t have to get them all… Are you sure?! Aw! Thank you!”

9. The “I Spilled My Drink”

“Um, bar tender-sir! Some asshole just dropped my drink. Do you think I could get another?”

10. The DFMO

After making out. “Wow, I could really use a drink now… “

11. Asking the Bartender to Take a Shot with You

How could he say no?

12. Picking a Drink off the Bar

It might be a little sketchy, but our drunk selves might look past that. “It’s just sitting there, totally full, untouched… I can’t let that go to waste.”

13. Taking the Mysteriously Untouched Handle in the Frat House

It’s just sitting on the counter, unopened… Again – can’t let that go to waste.

14. The “I’m So Sober”

While talking to a guy: “Ugh, I’m just so sober…” “Oh here, let me buy you a drink.” “Aw, thank you!”

15. The “I’m Friends with the Bouncer/Bar Tender”

“Can I get a whiskey coke? Oh, see, ____ told me to tell you it’s on him!”

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