This Is Not A Drill: Your Favorite Cheap Wine Might Be Killing You

I know you’re on a budget, but you need to start ponying up some cash for better wine. A ton of low priced brands of wine contain illegal and dangerously high levels of poisonous inorganic arsenic. A lawsuit was filed against 28 California wineries.
When I first saw this, I thought, okay, no problem, I’ve probably never heard of these brands…but no. Franzia, Trader Joe’s, Sutter Home, and more are all named in the lawsuit. So I’m checking my pulse every couple minutes.
According to Fox, “Arsenic is an odorless, colorless chemical that is usually detected in the ground, especially in fields treated with pesticides. California has set standards of levels that are supposed to be safe, but according to the lawsuit, testing done on more than 80 wines shows that the levels are coming in much higher.”
The Wine Institute denies the allegations, so we’re hoping this is all a big misunderstanding. But this weekend, we’re sticking to beer.
For the list of wines named in the lawsuit click here.
If you want more information, go to, where there are details about the levels of arsenic found in the particular wines listed.

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