Your College Bucket List: 10 Things You Must Do Before Graduation

There are so many things that are only socially acceptable, fun or even possible when you’re an undergrad student, and unless you do them before graduation rolls around, you’ve sort of missed your window to really make the most of them. Without further ado, here are ten things every college student should do before leaving campus for good.

1. Pull an all-nighter

For one thing, it’s sort of a rite of passage. For another, running on no sleep is way, way harder when you have a full-time job. Take advantage of your ability to nap between classes and stay up all night at least once.

2. Eat nothing but pizza for a whole weekend

Just order an XXL and keep going back until you never want to look at a pizza pie again (you’ll be over it within a day.)

3. Go on a spring break trip.

I mean, you’ll probably never have that beautiful  built-in week of no responsibilities ever again.

4. Slap a bag

Get this out of your system early because soon enough you’ll realize that boxed wine is nasty.

5. Go to a swanky club.

Even if you’re all about the dive bars and house parties, change it up and go to a posh club at least once. It’s really only fun when you’re younger and not susceptible to the world’s worst hangovers.

6. Abuse your dining hall privileges.

Whether you sneak a plate into your bag or fill up a very large container with cereal, you should probably make good use of that overpriced meal plan.

7. A walk of shame.

Even if it’s just after staying at your friend’s place and walking home the next day in last night’s outfit. Ain’t no shame in the game.
8. Share a bedroom with someone.
It’ll just make you appreciate having your own room one day SO MUCH.

9. Go to class in your pajamas.

‘Cause you can’t do this once you have a job….and it doesn’t count if they’re cute PJs.

10. Get drunk before noon.

You know what it is.
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