Instagram Launches New Photo Collage App That Will Just Result In More Instagram Posts

There are tons of photo collage apps. You probably have three downloaded on your phone right now because let’s be honest, you couldn’t choose just one pic from last night. We don’t blame you – your hair was really on point. But back to the subject at hand – your favorite app, Instagram, has launched a new app called Layout. Using Layout, you’ll be able to quickly build collages then share to Instagram, Facebook, or whatever social media the kids are using these days.
Don’t worry – Layout isn’t just like your standard Pic Stitch or InstaCollage, it’s actually better. Instead of picking the layout to start, you actually choose the pictures you want to include first. Genius. I bet you’re already downloading it. But there’s more.

You can use the “Faces” option to filter your Camera Roll to show only those photos with pictures of people. AKA no scrolling through the pictures you drunkenly took of the floor. The “Photo Booth” button starts a countdown timer and then captures four photos that will instantly in a layout. How adorable. Layout allows you to adjust photos to better situate them and a “replace” button lets you quickly swap out photos if you notice you blinked or something.
Sparknotes: The new Layout app makes collages fast, easy, and fun.
Expect to see way more pics on your Instagram feed…which is probably exactly why they made this app in the first place.

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