10 Reasons You Should Date A Communications Major

Now, I know what you’re thinking: That that’s the easy major that people who want to coast through college choose. And yeah, we did have fewer pages of dead-boring reading than our pre-med counterparts, but trust: We still had to put in work. I wrote more papers than just about anyone I knew. I had to approach things in creative ways. I took small, discussion-based classes, which meant sleeping through a lecture was never in the cards for me. Quite honestly, some of my pre-med friends would have gone crazy trying to take some of the classes I took – everyone’s brain works differently and there are a million different ways to be intelligent. Our particular breed of intelligence is just something not everyone has.
Being a communications major was informative, interesting, useful and often challenging in so many different ways –  and I met some awesome people along the way. In fact, the people were so awesome that I think everyone should date a communications major at some point. Here’s why.

1. We’re outgoing.

It stands to reason that someone who studies communications would have solid communications skills, right?

2. We actually enjoy what we study.

Most communications major are truly fascinated by human interactions. They tend to actually enjoy writing, public speaking and reading – which happen to be the things we focus on in class. Obviously no one loves studying, but comm majors just don’t dread Mondays nearly as much as most people do.

3. We have really cool job prospects.

We’re the people who will end up interviewing celebrities, planning parties and crafting  campaigns. Hanging with us probably means you’ll earn some free stuff somewhere down the line too.

4. We have really cool assignments, too.

Sure, we write tedious research papers and take finals just like everyone else, but we also have cool school projects and assignments: Think making media kits, interviewing random people on campus or filming videos for a telecast. You can live vicariously through the cool discussions we get into during our classes – which we actually attend because learning via discussion is super inspiring.

5. We take interesting classes.

I once took a class called “The Cultural Significance of Fame.” It was awesome. Tell me again about your fascinating bio lecture, though.

6. We’re creative thinkers.

Our qualitative skills are seriously impressive – we know how to think with the right sides of our brains, which means being around us is never boring. You can probably learn a lot from a creative type and we’re happy to open your mind up a bit.

7. We ‘get’ people.

We aren’t those people who sit around trying to figure what that text really meant and completely missing the mark. We have that special ability to understand people and their actions/motives. We also have that enviable ability to smooth over conflict, speak diplomatically, make friends everywhere and give great advice.

8. We’re well-rounded.

Our major is pretty broad, which means we take classes in tons of different things, from sociology to anthropology to journalism to PR to marketing to literature.

9. We have awesome language skills.

What’s not sexy about someone who is articulate, a great writer and just straight up witty?

10. We are passionate.

We like stuff. We live in the moment. Our interests lie in things like art, books, the humanities, other cultures, sports, fashion, you name it. We aren’t obsessed with doing the “right thing” or making tons of money – we follow our passions and interests and that’s pretty awesome.
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