Win A $50 iTunes Gift Card By Playing Stick Figure Movie Trivia App

Over Candy Crush? Losing hard on Trivia Crack? And we all know Temple Run was so 2011.  In between uploading selfies, we found a new game for you to play on your phone. Stick Figure Movie Trivia depicts images using stick figures, and you have to guess what movie the picture portrays. It’s so simple that you can play with a hangover, but fun enough that you’ll want to challenge your friends. And guess what – all you movie buffs are in luck! We’re having a contest and you can win just by playing Stick Figure Movie Trivia.

Here’s how to win:

1. Download the free game Stick Figure Movie Trivia from the App Store.
2. Solve one of the puzzles and take a screenshot.
3. Tweet the picture to @CollegeCandy with the hashtag #StickFigure.
4. We’ll randomly select two winners next Friday (April 3) to receive a $50 iTunes gift card.
Good luck and happy guessing!

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