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kacey carrig
Mondays are quite miserable. Thankfully, some genius came up with the idea to have Man Crush Monday. Check College Candy for some nice eye candy to get you through the beginning of your week.
Ask any college student – balancing school, sports, and a social life is tough. Now imagine doing all that PLUS traveling around the world to model for brands like Versace and Tom Ford. That’s how Kacey Carrig spent his four years in higher education, and now that he has graduated, he continues chasing the dream. Get to know Kacey better and check out his hottest pictures…Happy Monday.

Kacey Carrig

Age: 22
Height: 6’3
Hometown: Shamong, New Jersey
College & Year You Graduated: The College of New Jersey, 2014
Major: Business Marketing
Job You Wanted As A Kid: Besides being a cop like my dad, I always wanted to be an actor, but it was such a far-fetched dream for me.
Favorite Sport To Play: Basketball and tennis (played for my college tennis team)
Favorite Sports Team: Phillies/Eagles
Favorite Boy Band: N’ Sync…but if anyone knows who Soul Decision is, then they are my new best friend.
Favorite Female Celebrity: Nina Dobrev
Favorite Male Celebrity: Charlie Hunnam
Movie That Makes Me Cry Every Time: Besides the beginning of Up and the end of Toy Story 3, I ugly cry to Armageddon and Titanic.
Favorite Song To Sing In The Shower: Any and all Weeknd songs
The Last Text I Sent Says: “Should we get tickets to Firefly?”
The Last Person I Called Was: My agent
2 Words My Friends Would Use To Describe Me: Enthusiastic & outgoing.
Favorite Drink To Order At The Bar: Besides beer, I like a good whiskey.
Coolest City I’ve Ever Visited: I really fell in love with London.
Place I Want To Travel But Haven’t Been Yet: Ibiza
Favorite Halloween Costume I’ve Worn: I’d have to say last Halloween when I was a vampire because I wore white contacts that scared the crap out of both myself and everyone around me.
What Have Been Your Favorite Modeling/Acting Jobs: My favorite modeling job was doing the Versace campaign with Kate Moss. I haven’t done too much acting yet, but I did an izod commercial in Punta Cana which was basically just a vacation in paradise.
What Can We Look Forward To From You? Hopefully seeing me on TV or film. I’m very new to it so it’s a lot of work, but I have a great acting agency and I have been doing a lot of auditions lately.
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