Disney Is Making A Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Movie!

Disney is really on a live-action kick lately. Following the success of Malificent and Cinderella, Disney has confirmed that they are going to bring the story of Mulan to life.

We were kind of hoping for a live-action Bambi starring The Rock, but seriously, how great is Mulan going to be? There’s action, there’s romance, there’s a chick pretending to be a man…actually, it sounds a lot like She’s The Man.

No casting or release date has been confirmed, but we are already speculating. We already dream cast Jamie Chung in the role of Mulan – she already played the heroine in the show Once Upon A Time. I don’t think anyone else auditioning has that on her resume.

Also in the works are live-action versions of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dumbo to be directed by Tim Burton. Bring it on, Disney.

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