Will Animated Mulan’s Voice Actress Play The Part In The Live-Action Film?

We might have dream cast Jamie Chung to take the title role in the new live-action Mulan movie from Disney, but fans of the original 1998 animated movie have another choice: Ming-Na Wen, the actress who voiced her! Twitter users are rallying for Ming-Na to reprise her role, this time by doing more than just speaking for her. And guess what – Ming-Na is up for it!

Wow, so many tweets to @Disney announcement for a live-action #Mulan. Thank U4 wanting me 2B in the film! Tweet @DisneyPictures about it! xo

— Ming-Na Wen (@MingNa) March 30, 2015

And tweet at Disney Pictures they did!

#MingNaWenForMulan @DisneyPictures Come on guys this is such a perfect choice. So much love for @MingNa. Perfect Agent May & perfect Mulan!

— Lexi Kaenel (@LKaenel) March 31, 2015

@DisneyPictures Who should play Mulan? @MingNa of course! She's a rock star!

— Deb Cannon (@deblovesdragon) March 31, 2015

@MingNa @Disney @DisneyPictures It could be cute if you were to play Mulan's mother this time as a sort of nod to the animated film.

— SJWJames Bond (@mvbrat91) March 31, 2015

Heard @DisneyPictures is giving #Mulan live action treatment. Please cast @MingNa. She will forever be Mulan.

— Brad Mayhar (@BradMayhar) March 31, 2015

@DisneyPictures @MingNa AS MULAN PLEASE I BEG YOU

— beatriz (@avengermaximoff) March 31, 2015

Ming-Na is actually 51 years old, so the chances of her playing the young heroine are slim. She’s also busy starring as Melinda May in the ABC action show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. If she’s not Mulan, we’d love to see Ming-Na have a part in the film as a nod to the original.


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