Stupid Ass Hats: The Musical? The Crazy Sorority Girl Email Is Being Turned Into Art

Musicals are based on movies all the time – Legally Blonde, The Little Mermaid, and even Shrek have all had the fortune, for lack of a better word, for have “: The Musical” follow it. But now, we might be looking a little too hard for inspiration in the theater. A New York based group called “The Nouveau Classical Project” is using a 2013 viral email by a deranged sorority girl in their new project Sacred-Profane. The piece “Sororatorio: a Cuntata” is a “a new song cycle” that pays homage to Rebecca Martinson’s email that gave us terms like “c*nt punt” and “stupid ass hats.”

Are you still with me? Greek life around the country turned its attention to Delta Gamma of Maryland two years ago when one Rebecca Martinson’s email went viral. The strangely articulate DG social chair was scolding her sisters for being boring in the most entertaining way possible. The email that no one outside the sorority was ever meant to see made it’s way on the internet for, well, all to see. Rebecca might have gotten kicked out of the sorority, but her fifteen minutes of fame was well worth it, IMHO. How many emails get turned into art?

Anyway. This sound like an April Fool’s Day joke, but you can buy tickets to Sacred-Profane on their Kickstarter page. The page describes the performance as one that “explores a range of human polarity, traveling from stately composure to total abandonment. Through a series of concert pieces and fashion by Jenny Lai’s experimental womenswear brand NOT, Sacred-Profane pulls at loose strings until it unravels in a fitful explosion of profanity.”

See you April 9 & 10 at the Flamboyán Theater.

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