Drop Your Selfie Sticks – There Is Now A Selfie Shoe! [UPDATED]

selfie shoes
Work on those high kicks, ladies! Just when we thought selfie sticks were the greatest thing to ever happen, we get the Selfie Shoe. These innovative shoes enable you to take hands-free selfies by inserting your phone into a docking port on the shoe and taking a photo by tapping the inside sensor.
“We never sacrifice comfort for fashion,” says Miz Mooz Director of Design, Cheryl Matson. “In thinking about bringing innovation to our shoes, we asked ourselves: How do we take the everyday comfort and convenience our consumers have come to love about our footwear to the next step? We decided to investigate other aspects of our consumers’ everyday lives.”
Just think – if Ellen DeGeneres had this at the Oscars, Jared Leto wouldn’t have been cut out of the most popular selfie ever due to Bradley Cooper‘s tiny arms.
Even if these shoes didn’t double as a portable photographer, they’re super adorable. Preorders for the Selfie Shoes begin Thursday on miz-mooz.com for only $199.
selfie shoe
*4/1/15 Update*
Did you believe this? Don’t worry, the world isn’t that crazy…this is an April Fools Day joke! Great job to Miz Mooz for going all out on such a good prank that fooled even some people (who shall remain nameless) at College Candy HQ.
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