Tara Reid’s Scary Skinny Bikini Bod

Who knew the same girl who played Melody, the ditzy yet lovable drummer in Josie and the Pussycats, and Vicky, the sweetheart in American Pie, would turn into the conductor of the hot mess express? Now homegirl is lucky to land a role in Sharknado 2. Tara Reid has been on a roller coaster for years – some days she looks attrative, other days she looks like a walking disaster. Unfortunately, she was recently spotted on a beach in Miami and is looking like the latter.

At 39 years old, Tara looks terrifyingly skinny. The actress/party girl has admitted to undergoing elective surgery like liposuction, and these recent photos make us question if she’s still having body issues. See the photos of Tara Reid here.

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