Why College > High School

I always thought high school was kind of sweet.
That is, until I left it.
Oh sure, high school was better than middle school, but then again, everything is better than middle school. Yeah, it was cool to like, watch R-rated movies and not have to rely on your parents to drive you everywhere….but in many ways, high school is the most frustrating thing ever. You’re never treated with the kind of respect you (think you) deserve, you have 6 million rules to follow and you literally have no idea where you’ll end up at the end of it.
College, on the other hand? Fabulous. There’s almost nothing bad about it, from the ridiculous amount of freedom you have to the fact that you can still do stupid shit and blame it on the fact that you’re not a ‘real person’ yet. Why is college so, so, so much better than high school could ever hope to be? Here are a few of the many reasons.

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