The Pros & Cons Of A Long Distance Relationship

No one expects to fall for someone then have the person move across the country. But it happens. There is a lot of things to consider when committing yourself to long distance. It is WAY harder than being able to walk down the hallway of your dorm to cuddle up next to bae. If your in a long distance or about to be, check out these pros and cons!

PRO: You work on the emotional aspects before the physical.

The thing about relationships these days is we’re all so quick to jump in the sack. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it does prevent a couple from getting to know each other. When you’re communicating via Skype, text, or phone call you HAVE to talk. And if you’re finding you two have nothing to say, well then it’s clearly a red flag!

CON: All communication is through phone, text, or Skype.

Just as it can benefit from being forced to talk and not do the dirty, all conversations are through technology. Aside from Skype, most conversations you’ll have won’t be face to face. This can cause major miscommunication which can then lead to more fighting than if you could talk things out in person. No matter how long you and your long distance lover have been together it will still be so easy to jump to conclusions from a text. This is a big hump to get over in the relationship!

PRO: No makeup, no shaving, no cares.

As many times as we girls say we dress up for ourselves and not the boys, we have to admit that it’s always a little bit because we want to look good for our man. So unless you’re the kind of girl that LOVES doing your makeup everyday and shaving during each shower, long distance means you’re in the clear! Save your makeup and time by not having to worry about your appearance. You can go to class to get things done and not feel obligated to look fabulous for the guys. Weird right?!

CON: You will spend LOTS of money traveling.

Between plane tickets, hotels, and just adventuring around your lover’s location, you’re going to end up spending a lot of money. Remember that this should be mutual. If you finding yourself constantly whipping out your plastic while on your vaca you should probably reconsider the relationship. Talk to your partner about splitting the costs of things, and always alternate whose traveling!

PRO: You get to travel!

Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, flying can totally suck. But to have the opportunity to travel is something that we take advantage of! No matter where you are there will be tons of couple things to do whether it’s being the typical tourist for the day, finding the awesome local hang outs, or trying amazing restaurants. Download yelp and start googling because there is so much to do! You won’t even be worrying about the costs because its a mini vaca every time you see your man!


CON: You’re going to be the odd ball.

No one is going to understand how or why you’re maintaining your relationship with your man being so far away. While most of your friends will be going out looking for hot new guys each weekend, you’ll be torn between wanting to stay in and Skype or going out and being wing woman…again. This can put a lot of stress on you when trying to find a balance. But that’s the key to it, a balance. Never sacrifice one more than the other!
wing woman

PRO: You have your independence.

Long distance relationships are perfect for the girls that need their alone time. Whether you’re reading a book or binging on Netflix long distance gives you some me-time! You’re not obligated to dates every weekend, or eating lunch with your guy, but can come and go as you please.

It’s hard enough having a relationship in college, but when you put thousands of miles in between you and your man, it complicates things that much more. Just remember that you’re young, and if you don’t want to be tied down then you shouldn’t be! In the same respect, if you can’t see yourself being with anyone else but your guy then screw what everyone else thinks and go for it. It’s your relationship and in the end your life, so do what you want!
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