Amy Poehler Is Now A Redhead! See The Pics

Our favorite funny lady, Amy Poehler, performed onstage during 60th Anniversary of Allen Ginsberg’s poem “HOWL” last night and debuted a brand new look. Gone is our recognizable blond comedian – she’s now a redhead. Amy’s new look helps her even more closely remember her youngest son Abel who’s a natural ginger.
Did Amy change her hair color for a part? Was she just bored with blond hair after so many years? Is she in the witness protection program? Amy hasn’t responded to our calls (read: tweets), so we don’t have a definitive answer yet.
Unlike some celebs who seem to change their hair daily, Amy has looked relatively the same for as long as we can remember, but she rocks the new ‘do. We’re not surprised – she’s donned plenty of wigs during her time at SNL so we know she looks good in anything.

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