Who To Bring To Your Formal On A Scale Of 1 To Desperate

Formals and date parties undoubtedly go one way of two extremes every time:

1. It’s a giant sh*t show that everyone refers to as “the best night ever,” although no one can really remember it.

2. You’re so stressed about it that it turns into a major let down where someone is inevitably crying.

To be honest, date parties are more trouble than they’re worth. You pay major money on a ticket, open bar (and get cut off three drinks in), and new dress just to do what you usually do on a Friday night – drink and booty drop to crappy Pitbull songs. The worst part though is finding a date. Since you’re essentially treating this person to a glamorous night out, you want it to be someone you can get along with while the rest of your friends are having a sloppy make out in the bathroom. Here’s who you should bring, on a scale of 1 (being that you have a long term boyfriend) to 10 (you’re eternally single and have no prospects).

1 – You’re In A Long-Term Relationship
Who To Bring: Your Boyfriend (Duh)

Yes, it’s a little boring, but at least you don’t have to stress about finding a date for weeks in advance and you can be sure that his tie will match your dress.

2 – You’re In A LTR, But Your Boyfriend Can’t Make It
Who To Bring: Your Best Girlfriend

The last thing you want to do is make your boyfriend mad by bringing your “guy best friend.” We all know he has a major crush on you. Don’t just skip the event – take the opportunity to spend the night with your best friend and dance the night away.

3 – Your Boyfriend Just Broke Up With You
Who to Bring: The Hottie You’ve Had Your Eye On Since The Break-Up

It’s rebound time. You could play it safe by bringing a friend, but you’ll show yourself that there are other fish in the sea by getting the guts to ask out that cute guy from chem lab. If it goes well, you’ll thank yourself. If not, at least you took a chance (and had a really good looking date for the pictures).

4 – You Just Ended A Relationship
Who To Bring: Your Best Friend’s Best Guy Friend

This is what BFFs are for. Ask her to choose one of her (attractive) male friends to explain the situation. Bringing someone who knows you’re fresh out of a relationship is probably the best idea, and he’ll know other people at the event. Worst case scenario: he’ll see it as a favor for his friend.

5 – You Just Started Talking To Someone
Who To Bring: HIM

A formal or date party is the perfect chance to see if there’s potential for you guys to do more than just text cute emojis to each other. If he finds out about the date party and knows you didn’t invite him, he’ll assume you’re not interested and he’s wasting his time. And if you don’t even want to ask him, then why are you even talking?

6 – You Have A Friends With Benefits Relationship
Who To Bring: Your Gay Best Friend

If you’re worried that your shenanigans in the bedroom don’t translate to being friends in a “let’s get dressed up and take pics together” situation, you’re probably right. It will be awkward, he won’t know anyone, and he’ll probably act like you owe him something for coming. On the other hand, you could have an awesome night with a dapper dude.

7 – You’re Casually Hooking Up With More Than One Guy
Who To Bring: A Random

This is a tricky one. Although all of your booty calls might act like they want nothing to do with a date party, they might be secretly be pissed that you brought another dude. On the other hand, you want to show that you’re not solely dependent on him for fun. Bring a guy you just met who seems fun or a set-up.

8 – You’re In The Friend Zone With All The Guys You Know
Who To Bring: One Of Your Friends

Maybe your night won’t end with a cuddle sesh in bed, but at least if you’re bringing one of your good guy friends, you can look forward to a fun evening.

9 – Your List of Potential Dates Includes A Guy You’ve Never Spoken To & The Pizza Delivery Guy
Who To Bring: Your Friend’s BF’s Friend

Not having any prospects is the worst. When you’re still a couple weeks away, and have a dress but no date, ask your best friend’s BF to bring a buddy. He’ll be thrilled to have someone to suffer with for the night, and you’ll have someone to leave him with when it’s dance time.

10 – You Refer To Yourself As “Undateable”
Who To Bring: A Random Set Up

You have nothing to lose by bringing a friend of a friend. While you’re off galavanting amongst different friends, your date will have other people he knows so you don’t spend the night babysitting. Who knows? Maybe you’ll hit it off.


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