E-Retailer ModCloth Hires First Transgender Model

Photo: (ModCloth)
The world of fashion and advertising is littered with images of perfect bodies and stereotypical beauties. Thanks to ModCloth, however, this could all change.
Meet Rye Silverman, the e-retailer’s loyal LA-based customer and now their newest model for the #FashionTruth campaign. Launched in September 2014, ModCloth vowed to use diverse models, never to use Photoshop, and to sell clothing beyond sizes 0-6.
Silverman had been posting on ModCloth’s Style Gallery for years before she was picked as the new model. The writer and comedian credits the company for much of her style exploration. According to ModCloth, “Five years ago today, I came out of the closet. Today, these are the clothes that came out of my closet.”
See Rye’s favorite styles here.
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Photos: (Instagram)

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