You're Not A Real Rutgers Student Unless You Know These 10 Things

Rutgers is the kind of college that has a few things it’s famous for. Sure the academics are fantastic, but if you’re a Rutgers student you don’t just know these things, you live them. Here are 10 things every Scarlet Knight has experienced (and cringed about later).

1. Fat sandwiches from a grease truck are actually heaven.

This is practically an initiation process for freshman. You go out, drink too much, then someone mentions a fat sandwich. And instead of going home at a reasonable hour you’re munching down on 2,000 calories in one late night meal. And for anyone reading this who isn’t a Scarlet Knight: no, we don’t share.

2. The party is at the tailgate. Going to the game is optional. 

This is something RU students are famous for. Not our best quality, but when games start at 12, that means the campus is starting at 9 which can make you pretty damn tired just before kick off. Now that Rutgers is in the Big10, we’re starting to see a better turn out. The Scarlet Knights are learning how to rally.

3. No matter how many times you say you will never run for a bus, you’ll end up sprinting as if your life depended on it. 

Rutgers buses. I am cringing just typing the words. Everyone needs them, everyone hates them. There are certain times of the day at Rutgers that if you don’t get the exact bus you need, you’ll be over 45 minutes late to class, which usually ends up with students simply not going. Whether it’s the day of an exam or you’re the type of person that NEEDS to be ten minutes early to class, every student swears they won’t be THAT GUY running to catch a bus, until you’re that person.

4. You’ll never get a bus at Scott Hall around 3 o’clock.

Remember when Cady Heron compared high schoolers to animals at a watering hole in mean girls? That’s was the Scott Hall bus stop is like if every animal had rabies. People are doing anything to get a bus; pushing, dropping elbows, fighting to the death. Even the bus drivers dread this time of day…

5. The Livingston campus dining hall is worth the trek.

For those of you who don’t know about Rutgers, our one campus actually consists of five campuses. Which means there are four dining halls. Livingston campus seems to attract everyone and at one point you’ll go out of your way just to wait in line for 20 minutes for the Mongolian grill AKA “dining hall Hibachi.”

6. Skipping your classes spring semester to DAGE is inevitable.

Winters are awful on our campus. It brings late buses, frozen toes, and pale skin. Gross. As soon as the Rutgers campus sees warm days, we act like we’ve been locked inside for years and just broke free. Everyone is celebrating come spring. You can try and stay focused but you will get roped in at least once (or twice) before summer. If you can’t be em’, join em’ right?

7. Winter is also a good time to skip your classes.

ferris bueller gif
We tend to blame the weather on a lot of things here at Rutgers. The thing is, since the school is so huge, professors tend to never notice a few empty seats. We don’t encourage being bad students, but you can just read the chapter tomorrow…

8. Two words: Fish bowls. 

Sure these drinks may be popular at other colleges, but we take pride in our fish bowls on campus. It’s tradition to knock one back as soon as you turn 21. What’s in them? We don’t really know much other then a lot of alcohol…

9. Good luck trying to avoid parking tickets. 

Rutgers is known for its super crappy parking just as much as its athletic department. No matter how hard you try you’ll end up paying at least $100 in tickets by the time you graduate.

10. You’re going to get lost in Lucy Stone Hall.

The structure of this building was based on the idea of serendipity. So basically the architect wanted you to get lost, so you’d make a friend while asking for help. In reality, you end up being 20 minutes late to your class so often that you contemplate dropping the class.
Every campus has its ups and downs. Rutgers is no exception. We make the best of every season and take full advantage of every chance to drink. There is truly never a dull moment being a Scarlet Knight.

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