Pink Tells Fat Shamers To Take A Seat In A Classiest Way Possible

Pink (P!nk? Are we still doing that?) has never been about fitting into a mold. Hell, she sings lyrics like, “She’s so pretty, that just ain’t me,” because she knows she’s different and is proud of that. When the singer stepped out for a benefit on Friday night, haters had some nasty stuff to say about the singer. Here’s a pic of her at the event.
The 35-year-old mother looks pretty good, right? Her dress is gorg and won’t lie, her cleavage looks phenom. Well, she definitely had some critics on Twitter. They bombarded her with comments calling her fat, butch, and other obscene words that are absolutely ridiculous. Are we looking at the same picture? Her dress is gorg and won’t lie, her cleavage looks phenom. And even if she did gain some weight, there’s no need to tell her to “stop producing music and raise your ugly child.”
Pink didn’t take this sitting down, of course. But instead of firing back with insults or feeling bad about herself, she responded in the classiest way possible.
Pink Message Fat Shamers
That’s right, fat shamers. Pink felt (and DID look) beautiful, and that’s all that matters. Thanks for your two cents, but no one asked.

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