WATCH: Anna Kendrick Reveals Her Girl Crush On Tonight's 'Lip Sync Battle'

Ultimate super woman Anna Kendrick is appearing tonight on Lip Sync Battle, immediately making your favorite episode so far (and maybe ever). Even though we know the girl has pipes and wish she didn’t have to just mouth the words, but it’s Anna, so we know she could entertain us by just standing there being adorable. In a preview, we see that Anna has opted to sing One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” for her first number. She has a surprise in store for her competitor, John Krasinski. Looks like Anna isn’t just singing about some generic girl – it’s Emily Blunt, last week’s lip syncer and John’s wife! Watch the hilarious clip of Anna singing to her girl crush and even revealing a t-shirt featuring Emily. [youtube] See what other surprises Anna has in store on Lip Sync Battle tonight!

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