15 Things Your Roommate Knows That No One Else Ever Will

Sometime you love her, sometimes you hate her. Most often it’s a combination of both – but whatever the case may be, you should never truly piss your roomie off ’cause she knows way, way too much. Including but not limited to the following.

1. Your standard pizza order.

2. How often you order said pizza (answer: too often.)

3. How you sound when you sing in the shower.


4. That you literally called your mom crying after you fell in the quad that one time,

5. About that time you brought a complete stranger home with you.


6. That you got that scar on your face after you walked right into the door after a long night of partying.

7. How often you and your boo really fight.

8. That you watch some seriously embarrassing TV shows.

9. That you listen to Glee covers. A lot.


10. That you didn’t shower for an entire weekend once.

11. That “I can’t, I have to study” really means “I can’t, Pretty Little Liars is on.”


12. How you look in your hot pink onesie.

13. How long it really takes you to get ready.

14. That you post about clean eating but love spicy Cheetos.

15. How many pairs of granny panties you own.

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