10 Things Life Is Too Short For

Tomorrow ain’t promised to no one. Life is short, college is short – and they’re both way to short for any of these behaviors.

1. Staying in an unfulfilling relationship.

Plenty of fish in the sea, girl.

2. Leaving behind the last slice of pizza.

I mean, it’s going to get lonely in the box by itself.

3. Doing homework on a Friday night.

What is this, a Tuesday?

4. Drinking bad wine.

Think outside the box(ed wine) – you won’t regret it.

5. Majoring in something you hate.

It may make you money but is that worth it if keeps you miserable in the long run? This underpaid writer says no.

6. Not splurging on a big, expensive purchase at least once.

One time won’t kill ya.

7. Not talking to your family often enough.

Call your parents!

8. Being too scared to fall in love.

If it works it’s worth it. If it doesn’t, it’ll only make you stronger.

9. Cutting sugar out of your diet completely.

Everything in moderation. Including cookies.

10. Not feeling thankful for the good things in your life.

Whether it’s your friends, you family, your education or just the fact that you got an A in a tough class, take a second to appreciate it all.
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