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10 Reasons To Date A Nerdy Girl (As Told By Zooey Deschanel)


nerdy couple

Not sure exactly when, but being nerdy has become cool. People opt to wear big glasses and brag about the books they’re reading, but true nerds have been doing these things since it was lame back in high school. While everyone else was experimenting with beer, nerdy girls were heading to midnight screenings of Lord of the Rings and getting creative with their homework assignments. No one thought about dating her in high school, but she’s starting to look pretty good now, huh? There are some definite perks when it comes to dating a nerd.

1. She isn’t afraid to be herself.

ngg10 - Copy

And would never judge you for being yourself.

2. She’s low maintenance.

sleep zooey deschanel

While some girls spend hours getting dolled up, a nerdy girl look super cute in a t-shirt, jeans, and pair of Converses.

3. She’s not clingy.

i just want to listen to taylor swift alone

In fact, she values her alone time to read a book or just chill out, so feel free to go out for boys’ night.

4. She can hang with the boys.

zooey deschanel yup nod

She may actually school your friends in The Walking Dead or Batman trivia.

5. She will have awesome dates ideas.

zooey deschanel yes

How does ordering pizza and staying in to play video games sound to you?

 6. She can get pretty kinky in bed.

zooey deschanel sexy outfit

You don’t have to ask her to dress like Princess Leia twice.

7. She’s very little drama.

zooey deschanel okay whatever

She has bigger things to worry about than the new girl at your work.

8. She will always keep the conversation interesting.

i think you're interesting zooey deschanel

With so much knowledge in her brain, she won’t settle for a boring chat about the weather. You’ll even learn a thing or two.

9. She sees the best in everyone.zooey deschanel nice hoe

She knows what it’s like to be judged and doesn’t want to do that to anyone else, so she is always polite and kind.

10. She’s smart…and that’s the ultimate sexy.

zooey deschanel posing

Can’t argue with that.

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