Is This The Boy Band Break Up Haircut Before Going Solo?

There has been many boy band breakups, and we have never been ready for any of them. When One Direction member, Zayn Malik decided to leave the group, flashbacks of the BackStreet Boys, N’Sync, the Jonas Brothers breakups came back and that made us realize that after leaving their group, some of the now famous singers all shared the same post-breakup make over. You know, to let the whole world know they are grown guys and don’t need no boy band to be successful on their own, the “I-need-a-new-look-because-I’m-a-solo-artist-now” look. And that look is a shaved head!

Proof #1 – Zayn Malik

On Zayn Malik‘s first solo appearance last week at the Asian Music Awards, the singer shocked with his new look, a shaved head look.

Proof #2 – Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas, who was the one who initiated what led to the Jonas Brothers to break up, shaved off his curly locks after the band separated, giving him a more mature look than what we were used to see when he was in the band with his brothers.

Proof #3 – Justin Timberlake

If you were a N’SYNC fan like myself you would remember all of the guys donned some pretty serious hairstyles-Hello Chris Kirkpatrick had a pineapple hairstyle. But when Justin Timberlake went solo in 2002 he cleaned up for his album “Justified”, sporting the clean look for his now solo, and very fructose, career.
Maybe if Nick Carter had shaved his head he would have been a successful solo artist *crying*

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