Bruce Jenner Was Spotted Wearing A Dress (And…?)

As the world anticipates Bruce Jenner finally speaking out on his transitioning into a woman in an interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday, he continues to raise questions. The Daily News released photos of Bruce Jenner outside his home in a long dress as he smoked a cigarette. [youtube] While everyone is getting all riled up about this, let’s remember something – dresses are way comfortable. When I’m hungover, a maxi or sundress is my only saving grace. Pants are the devil and wearing them often seems like a weird punishment brought onto women by Coco Chanel. So what if Bruce wants to wear one? At 65 years old and a gold medal Olympian, Bruce should be able to do whatever the hell floats his boat. And honestly, he doesn’t look half bad. Not everyone can pull off horizontal stripes.

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