For Earth Day…Grow Your Own Avocado Tree!

If you are an avocado aficionado like myself, you will be super excited to know that it is super easy to grow your own avocado tree!
Yaaaas, avocados 4 life!!!
Just follow this simple steps and help the planet with this easy to follow tutorial.


Remove the seed from inside the avocado, rinse it and clean it up.


You will need to insert 2-4 toothpicks on the seed (you might think the seed has a hard shell but it will be really easy to insert them) for support will it is suspended on the container.


Use either a glass or plastic container to suspend the seed with the toothpicks, I cut up about 3/4 from a plastic water bottle and used the bottom as the container.


The pointy part of the seed has to be sticking up, like an egg. From the bottom part is where the roots will come from.


Fill up with water, more than half of the seed should be covered, but not completely.


Put it in a warm place with indirect light (the sun should’t hit it directly).


In 2-6 weeks you will see roots (if handled and watered constantly) then you will transplant to a pot. Plant the seedling root down, leaving the top half of the pit sticking out of the soil.


Now it’s all a matter of time, when the plant gets bigger it can be transplanted outside. For best results, transplant in the early spring.
Here is how I did mine, it is still on the early stages:
Follow me on Instagram to see the process of my lil avocadito @krlac
Now an avocado tree takes from 5-13 to bear fruit, but the fact that you grew and maintained a plant for so long, it is a great satisfaction. Plus we need to give back a little to the environment.

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