Apparently A Promposal Costs More Than Any High School Kid Should Have

You know how I got asked to prom senior year? I went to a friend’s house and to avoid the awkward “first person here” scenario, hopped in a ride with my friend Bobby. When we got back to is place at the end of the night, he asked if I wanted to go to prom with him, I said yes, we hugged, and I got in my car and drove home. I’m pretty sure all my friends have a similar story. I thought those “promposals” were reserved for the kids on Laguna Beach.
Now, promposals are like, the thing. There are flash mobs, giant signs, trails of flowers, and sometimes even a puppy involved. In a growing effort to have the best one, teens are going all out…and spending way all the money they earned over the summer working at the ice cream shop. A new survey shows that the average cost of a promposal sit at about $324. Reminder: that’s just to ask someone to go to prom. According to Visa, which sponsored the survey, promposals now make up over a third of the total cost of prom, meaning the average teen’s family will spend over $900 on prom-related expenses.
WHAT. Since when did high schoolers become more romantic than people out of college? And where are they finding all that cash?
HS Kid: “Mom, can I have $300 for a promposal?”
Mom: “A what?”
HS Kid: “A promposal.”
Mom: “Okay.”
Seriously, how is this happening?
Don’t get me wrong. I understand that to high schoolers, prom is everything. But just wait until date parties and formals in college, or better yet, your cousin’s open bar wedding. Then let’s talk about how cool prom is.
Anyway, if your little bro is thinking of some elaborate promposal, let him know to get creative rather than expensive. And he better hope she says “yes.”

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