Mila Kunis Is Being Sued…For Stealing A Pet Chicken?

Mila Kunis: actress, Ashton Kutcher‘s baby mama, and chicken thief?
It looks like one of Mila’s childhood friends is craving a little media attention. Kristina Karo, a wannabe singer, claims that when the two were BFF growing up in Ukraine, Mila had a fondness for her pet chicken who was ironically named Doggie. When the pair were in first grade, Doggie (the chicken) disappeared, and Mila ‘fessed up to the dastardly deed, saying, “Kristina, you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm.”
Twenty-five years later, Kristina is suing Mila over Doggie (the chicken), saying that she became an emotional wreck and went into therapy over the loss of her beloved pet. She has recently moved to L.A. and claims that being in close proximity to Mila has ‘brought back all the bad memories’ and she now needs therapy again. How much does Kristina want for shrink money and emotional distress? $5k.
First off, I wouldn’t call Mila’s statement (as a six year old) a “confession.” She didn’t say, “I took Doggie (the chicken).” She was merely stating facts, telling her pal to move on, there’s no use crying over spilled milk, yada yada. Furthermore, what proof does Kristina have? Did she see her steal Doggie (the chicken)? Wouldn’t Mila’s parents have been slightly concerned that she just randomly came home with a pet chicken one day?
This is a ridiculous lawsuit, but if Mila needs a defense lawyer, I’ve seen Legally Blonde like a billion times, so I’m pretty sure I could handle this one. I mean, who could take this nut seriously?
[Story via TMZ]


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