10 Reasons You Should Date A Guy Who Cooks

Old school gender roles be damned. These days, a guy who can whip up a four-course meal isn’t a sissy; he’s a real man. Dating a guy who knows his way around a kitchen is awesome for several reasons – including but not limited to the following.

1. You save tons of money.

Cooking is so much cheaper than eating out, even if it’s ordering pizza.

2. Your body will look better than ever.

Home cooked food is almost always healthier than what you’d find at a restaurant.

3. You’ll never crave a boxed TV dinner again.

Once you get away from the habit of eating that processed garbage, you’ll never go back.

4. Buying him gifts is so easy.

A nice set of knives will work just fine.

5. He’ll teach you about food.

Your knowledge of ingredients will expand a lot.

6. He might even teach you to cook.

….Or he’ll just do it for you. That works too.

7. Every night feels like date night.

When you’re with someone who gets excited about cooking, even a random Monday night turns into a fun event.

8. You can brag about how evolved your man is.

Like you, he knows sometimes you have to screw traditional “gender roles.”

9. You won’t have to deal with all that awkward ‘two people trying to navigate one tiny kitchen’ stuff.

He just lets you sit back and open the wine while he takes care of the heavy lifting.

10. You can cohost dinner parties together.

So sophisticated!
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