Well, This Is Awkward: Rumer Willis Admits She Had A Crush On Step-Dad Ashton Kutcher

It’s got to be weird having your mom marry someone who is closer in age to you than her, let alone when it’s a huge celebrity that you have a crush on. Rumer Willis has been making a name for herself lately on Dancing With the Stars and appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” today where she admitted to having a crush on Ashton Kutcher before he married her mom, Demi Moore. So her celeb fantasy crush soon became the guy picking her up after school? Uh…
Can’t fault the girl. It was 2003 when Ashton and Demi started dating, so every teenage girl was planning their wedding to Ashton. Even Rumer admits it was strange. “It was definitely weird for a minute, but I have to commend him. He was a really great stepfather. The perspective shifted very quickly,” the now 26-year-old told Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show.Rumer-Willis
Rumer even joked (?) that she had to change up her room decorations, saying, “That’s when you open up your Teen Beat and just take him down, rip out somebody else and put them up.”
I seriously can’t even imagine. There is one perk: she is still friends with Ashton. Rumer told Howard that she remains in touch and reached out to him when Mila Kunis gave birth to their daughter, Wyatt.
But still. Cringing.

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