Buzzfeed Brought 'Friends' To 2015 And It's Amazing

This is where #TBT mights right now: Buzzfeed has released an article surmising what the six iconic Friends characters would be like if they lived in today’s Internet-obsessed world and it is awesome.
Granted, the Friends characters did have Internet back when they were on air, but they definitely didn’t have Instagram, or Tinder, which, if this article is any indication, is Joey’s jam.
Their character traits would really come out to play thanks to social media – like Ross’ need to add the letters “PHD” to his LinkedIn headline (the only platform he uses, natch) and Monica’s obsessive nature translating into an obsessively tended Pinterest page.
The article has Rachel being a Facebook superstar (minus the fact that her relationship status is always “complicated), Phoebe using YouTube to promote her music (but am I the only person who thinks she would be more anti-social media than Ross would be?) and Chandler using Twitter as an outlet for all his jokes. One thing Buzzfeed did wrong, though, is not discussing any of the characters’ Instagram habits. I would totally expect Rach to be a big ‘grammer – after all, she works in fashion and anyway, Facebook is so 2008.
There’s no mention of what Janice would be doing on the Internet (recording Vine videos all the time and prowling J-Date) but there is a mention of Gunther at the very end and it is pure gold.
Read it here.
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