10 Celebs We Would Kill To See On 'Lip Sync Battle' Season 2

Who knew such a simple idea could create such a hit? The folks at Lip Sync Battle are probably just as surprised as we are that this show on Spike has averaged 3 million views per episode (plus thousands and thousands of YouTube views), but they’re rolling with it – they announced yesterday that the show was renewed for a second season! That’s 20 more episodes of your favorite stars mouthing to words to songs like it’s nobody’s business.
We’ve already seen some of the biggest celebrities do things we never expected to see (like Anne Hathaway channeling Miley Cyrus and swinging around while singing “Wrecking Ball,” for instance), but season two has to be bigger. So who should join the ranks of Anna Kendrick, Jimmy Fallon, and Justin Bieber? We brainstormed what celebs we are dying to see get weird next year.

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